by | Aug 1, 2017

There has been a growing trend over the last decade or so to “Think Local.” It is the idea of changing our shopping habits to take just 10% of our shopping and move it from big box or chain stores to local businesses. Our community has so many locally-owned businesses, it’s easy to “Think Local.”

Why shop local? It has to do with where the profits go. If the corporate office of a business isn’t in Arizona, most of the money leaves the state. Sure, non-local businesses have been great supporters of our community, employing many residents. We even have super-giant Amazon fulfillment centers right here in Phoenix bringing in tax dollars.

Move your spending to locally owned businesses when and where you can. That’s “Think Local.”
If you want to raise the stakes, it’s time to think HYPER-Local. Hyper-local goes beyond just business in your city and state. For South Mountain and Laveen, it means supporting the businesses here in our community.

Many of us can think back to a time when there were very few stores of any kind in our area. Remember the excitement as new rooftops meant new businesses? Some were chains and others were brand new businesses starting right here in South Mountain.

It is supporting those businesses that defines hyper-local. Shopping in our neighborhood for anything and everything. Getting out there and meeting our neighbors, from big corporations to small stores to home-based businesses.

Hyper-local is all about caring for what happens here in South Mountain and Laveen, where we work, live, and play. More than supporting local shopping, hyper-local asks us to attend Village Planning meetings, pay attention when we get notices that development is happening. It means protecting Mixed Use Agricultural or MUA, a development designation that is found only in our neighborhood. It is a designation designed to protect the rural feel of a neighborhood minutes from downtown. But we are losing the land designated MUA to regular old communities. Not that those developments are bad. But hyper-local means honoring the history and heritage of our community and keeping what makes us unique.

The South Mountain area has a thriving business and growing residential community. From home-based businesses to small retail shops to local restaurants to major corporations. We have it all! And the residential demographics of our area is amazingly and refreshingly diverse. Let’s celebrate the economic growth of OUR COMMUNITY by striving to be just 10% more hyper-local.

Catherine Cohen
Executive Director,
South Mountain Chamber of Commerce